The Story

A once popular musician has become hooked on the temptations of the rock star lifestyle and has lost his passion for music. On a drinking bender, he is determined to drown his instrument and maybe himself on the Brooklyn waterfront, where he is saved from oblivion by a mysterious band of foreign travelers living under the highway.  He tags along with the gang of singing and dancing Roma (Gypsies) as they embark on an adventure to raise a desperate payment to a Brighton Beach gangster. Along the way, the family band auditions for a seedy strip club owner with dreams of being a music business mogul. He spots the fiery, raven-haired Roma chanteuse as a talent to exploit. In turn, her cousins conjure a plan to offer her hand in marriage for a fee that will cover the gangster’s demand. The drunken wedding celebration that ensues leads to many complications and culminates in a battle of Love and Death on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Viva Patshiva Development

Viva Patshiva was developed over several years in New York City theaters and music venues, including Surf Reality, Collective Unconscious, the Women’s InterArt Annex, Mazer Theater, East Village nightclub Drom and even the Hungarian Consulate, where the show has entertained dignitaries from all over the world. Songs from the musical were featured in the 2008 Droma Gypsy Festival.

The acclaimed CD, "Reasons To Live" is available from CD Baby.

Viva Patshiva Team

The musical features book and lyrics by comedian-playwright David Jenness (“Born To Warp,” “Barry Agita”) from a story by David Jenness and Paul Smithyman.  The musical arrangements by David Jenness and Jesse Kotansky (“Click Clack Boom”) weave melodies by the Roma of Central Europe updated with Blues, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Ska and Punk.  Direction is by Paul Smithyman (“Illuminated Rounds”) with musical direction by Bobby Peterson (Rufus Wainwright) and Roma choreography by Andrea Kalan (“Ritka Magyar Dance Company”). The cast features Broadway veteran Eric Anderson* (“South Pacific”), actor-rock singer Richard Westley*, plus downtown artstars Chemda (“Conjure One,” “Keith And The Girl”) and Raven Solano (“Stupefied”),  with triple threat Julia Moss* (“Weekend At An English Country Estate”),  and introducing Jeff “Jazzyboots” Davis as “Onion.”

*Members of Actors Equity Association